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Myths About Real Estate Agents: Sell My House Fast In Pasadena

You may not buy or sell a house every day; most people anyway, unless you are a professional real estate agent with large client base. And while some could afford the luxury of making that huge decision a couple of times during their lifetime; on the other hand, some could not do it even once.

But for those who could buy and eventually decide to sell it, valuable information about how to sell my house fast in Pasadena would be very valuable to them. Of course, they would want to do it right. Because even though they could afford it, making a big mistake in the process of buying or selling the house could make them lose a lot of money. Nobody would want that, apparently.

That said, you could decide to go it alone and sell your house all by yourself with little or no knowledge about how real estate works, especially with no prior formal knowledge to sell my house fast in Pasadena. That could be a serious bad decision to make especially when the stake is this high. However, there are many reasons for that.

You decide to do it because of the unsubstantiated ‘truth’ about real estate agents you heard from an unreliable source that put you off. You should know that some of those so-called ‘truth’ are nothing but myths that are propagated by some with malicious intent, and other simple because of lack of proper information: and information deficiency. And if you are holding on to those ‘truth’ about real estate agents as a house seller, you could end up losing a lot of money.

This immense problem is what this article is written to address. To do that, here are 2 ‘truth’ you should look out for.

1) You could get a better deal if you do not use a real estate agent! If you buy into this then a good question you should ask yourself is: if you as an untrained home seller could get a better deal, what is the formal training of a professional real estate agent (who probably do that for a living) for?! And if there is an iota of truth to it, then why would someone go through all the trouble to get a proper training and then offer such valuable service to the public? You could see that it does not make sense at all!

Besides, the total sale commission is built into the price if it is listed with a real estate agent. If you do not know, then you should before you think of how to sell my house fast in Pasadena. A real estate agent is a professional. There is no way you could do it better or get a better deal unless you are a trained real estate agent yourself. So you know, the seller’s agent would receive the commission in the instance that the buyer does not have a real estate agent.

2) The market would only go up. The value of home fluctuates all the time. If you think of how to sell my house fast in Pasadena and do not know that the market could be very unpredictable and volatile then you would run at a huge loss soon.


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